Single Mother of 4 Survives 4 Days In Wrecked Car

A Colorado woman’s parents spoke recently about their daughter’s unlikely tale of survival after her car crashed and landed upside down in a ravine. After her car crashed into the ravine she was then stranded for four days before finally being found by rescue teams.

The woman’s parents, Glen and Connie Morgan, recently spoke how they simply cannot believe that she is still alive. The woman, who has four children, lives with her parents and works two jobs. When she did not return home for some time after her shifts were finished, her parents became worried, driving around Douglas County (Colorado) searching for her.

Finally, after four days, word got through to her parents that their daughter was, in fact, found alive. There is no doubt that Ms. Morgan has great survival instincts as not just anyone can survive more than half of a week stranded, with no food or water. The trapped woman even wrote messages on an umbrella asking for help. Though the umbrella messages did not necessarily aid her survival, it is amazing that she was even able to do that much after being in such a major car crash.

Her parents remain incredibly proud of their daughter and maintain that she will need to continue to latch onto her survival spirit over the next few weeks as she remains in the hospital. The woman, who has been unable to speak to media since being rescued as a result of her breathing tube, will remain in the hospital for the foreseeable future as she endures a number of surgeries.

As it stands, the woman has had both her feet amputated and will need other surgeries in order to repair other injuries. Her children have not yet been able to see their mother due to the severity of her injuries, but the hope is that this will change soon as she turned 44 today.