Search Resumes For Missing British Yacht Crew

Late last week, a British yacht sailing from the Caribbean back to the United Kingdom began taking on water before eventually capsizing and presumably sinking. The nearly 40-foot yacht ceased communications early Friday morning, according the yacht’s managing agent. 

The US Coast Guard restarted their search some 1,000 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Currently, the Coast Guard is employing the services of 6 ships and 3 planes to search an area that is about 4,100 square miles. The British Royal Yachting Association recently revealed the names and ages of the missing crew: Andrew Bridge, 21; Steve Warren, 52; Paul Goslin, 56; and James Male, 23.

Chances of Survival Diminishing

Despite many people believing that it is unlikely that the yacht and its crew are still alive, the search is going to continue. The reason for this is due to the simple fact that there have been countless survival stories involving people who were lost at sea for months on end, and were eventually rescued.

Tony Bullimore, now in his 70s, once held on to the hull of his overturned yacht for nearly a week before eventually being rescued. Steve Callahan, an American seaman, survived more than 70 days lost at sea in only a lifeboat. While the chances of survival for these four crew members are slim, there is still hope after all.

As recently as Saturday, a Maersk cargo ship that was helping with the search located and photographed the overturned hull of a yacht that seemed to match the description of the one that had gone missing. Unfortunately, however, the chilling photograph shows only the partially submerged hull and no signs of life. The crew’s potential saving grace is the fact that they have plenty of sailing experience and are ideally in a lifeboat-type vessel floating somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Claims are being made that the crew was well-equipped for an event like this and have all the proper training.

So long as the weather cooperates, there is no reason that the search will be called off anytime soon.