Search for El Faro Survivors Continues in Atlantic

Last week, as much of the United States was preparing for the possible landfall of Hurricane Joaquin, ship crews were already dealing with the storm’s wrath. The El Faro was one of those ships and just so happened to be caught directly in the storm’s path. Though investigators are still piecing things together, it is clear to see that the El Faro, in all likelihood, sank.

Almost a week later search and rescue crews are pouring over the Atlantic looking for any sign of the ship and for any sign of survivors. At this point, the 33 members of the crew are still missing and families are beginning to give up hope of finding their loved ones alive. The most recent finding from the search for the ship included a survival suit and some accompanying debris. Though no one was in the survival suit, search and rescue crews were able to determine the suit’s origins due to El Faro being printed on the suit itself. Three aircraft were dispatched to the area where the suit was found in order to continue searching for any survivors. According to the Boston Globe and Coast Guard officers, this is still being considered a search and rescue mission.

Of the 33 crew members on board, at least seven have ties to the United States. Early reports are claiming that, as El Faro was approaching rough waters created by Joaquin, the ship suffered a mechanical failure that more or less forced it to bob around in the water without engine power. Though it has not yet been confirmed, it is now widely believed that the ship was taken over by the rough waters and either took on water and sank or capsized and sank. The ship is nearly 800 feet in length and without engine power would not be able to put up much of a fight against the strong storm waters created by Joaquin. Now a week out it is not looking like survivors will be recovered from the wreckage, if the wreckage is even found. Still, rescuers are calling this a search and rescue mission, so hope is still being held onto by friends and family.