Reality TV Survivalist Found Dead, Presumed to Have Been Shot

Every so often we report on a story that has us feeling a bit sad; this is one of those stories. Outdoorsmen and one-time character on Nat Geo’s “Ultimate Survival Alaska” Jimmy Gojdics was found by state troopers in Alaska resident shot to death. Though most reports on the matter are preliminary in nature, we can say that Alaska State Troopers are currently investigating the incident as a homicide.

Grim Discovery Made by Police

In what, at first, looked to be routine call to a residence near Fairbanks, Alaska, state troopers came across a bleeding 69-year old Gojdics when they arrived at his home. Within a matter of seconds, the officers had determined that he was the victim of what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds. Immediately, officers radioed for medical help and Gojdics was transported to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital where he was shortly thereafter pronounced dead.

According to reports, Gojdics referred to himself on National Geographic as “Gaydos.” This is how he spelled his name on “Ultimate Survivor” so most people are unaware that the deceased is actually him. According to Nat Geo, Gojdics worked as a fisherment, wilderness guide, horse wrangler, and had a plethora of other vocations and callings.

A Nat Geo representative released a statement that read, “Jimmy Gaydos… appeared on the second season of National Geographic Channel’s series ‘Ultimate Survival Alaska,’ airing in 2014. Mr. Gaydos appeared in the first three episodes of the second season but sustained an injury that made it impossible for his team to continue in the competition. We were saddened to learn of Mr. Gaydos’s untimely passing and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this difficult time.”

Originally from upstate New York, Gojdics relocated to the Fairbanks area where he made a living and many friends. As a survival expert, he has counseled hundreds of thousands of people on what to do when faced with perilous situations in the wilderness. Appearing on national television, Gojdics spread his knowledge to an audience of millions that may have otherwise never learned the survival skills and techniques he pushed.

We will continue to keep a close eye on this situation as the investigation into what actually happened continues. Survivalists like him are a truly undervalued resource, so the whole survival community is distraught to hear such heartbreaking news.