Quick Thinking to Thank for Kayakers Survival

It’s the middle of summer and outdoor activities tend to be a mainstay of many people’s weekly lives. From hiking and camping to water sports, the number of outdoor activities you can participate in are endless. For a group of kayakers from Arizona, what was supposed to be a leisurely day on the water turned into something much more severe. Before long, the group was in a fight for their lives as they became stranded. Luckily, this story was kept from becoming a tragedy thanks to the quick thinking and survival skill knowledge of those that were stranded.

Survival Skills Coming In the Clutch

Three friends were riding down the Gila River in Arizona when their inflatable rafts were punctured by debris. Barely a few hours into a trip that was expected to last more than two days, the three became stranded and were forced to swim ashore. Swimming ashore, however, became quite difficult at times simply because the river was raging. After finally being able to get to shore, the threesome put their heads together in order to figure out what to do next.

Once on shore, the team figured out some meager sources of food and managed to filter water to keep themselves hydrated. After many, many attempts, they were able to send a text message to friends indicating that they needed help. Then, in a moment of brilliance, the group decided to build a large “SOS” out of debris. Before long, Arizona state troopers in a helicopter spotted the SOS sign and were able to rescue the stranded group. If it were not for their quick-thinking and noticeable distress message, these three very well might still be in the Arizona wilderness.