New Survival Wallet Changes the Game

Survival tools and kits have been around for decades and decades at this point. Despite there being a plethora of new tools making survival in the wilderness something that is more practical and attainable, these tools are still often packed in the same bulky packs and kits that have been around forever. Now, something as small as a wallet is able to provide for your survival needs and can be taken absolutely anywhere.

ParaWallet Offers New Alternative to Traditional Wilderness Survival

The new product, known as ParaWallet, looks identical to any wallet you have ever seen. With credit card slots and a spot to place your cash, this product is just as useful outside the wilderness as it is in the wilderness. The fact that there are credit card slots means that a card-style survival tool can be added to the ParaWallet to make it even more functional.

The wallet is actually produced with more than 50-feet of cord/rope that is able to support over 500 lbs. of weight. In times of need, the wallet can be unraveled and the rope can be used for anything from securing a shelter to producing a weapon capable of killing food.

Additionally, the wallet is supported by a ferrocerium backbone of sorts. In addition to the tinder located within the wallet, the metal emblem on the outside of the wallet and ferrocerium can be used to help start a fire. Add a multi-tool to one of the credit card slots and the ParaWallet becomes a functional survival kit that can definitely come in handy in all sorts of survival scenarios.

This product is also great for the person who thinks that they might not need a traditional survival kit. While things like the ParaWallet cannot compete with traditional survival kits, it is definitely something that can help people who are subjected to different types of survival scenarios. ParaWallets are not available on the market yet, but they will be coming soon.