New Mexico Winters Need to be Prepared For

The Farmington Daily Times, of Farmington, NM, recently ran an article highlighting the importance of survival kits for the upcoming winter. Though people think that New Mexico, being a state mostly covered by deserts, is always warm, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only do certain parts of New Mexico suffer intense winters, winters in the state offer unique challenges to people who may have to face them head-on.

Survival Kits Important for Winter

Karen Takai, spokeswoman for New Mexico’s Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, spoke openly the other day about the practicality of survival kits during New Mexico’s winters. In a statement, she reiterated that “disasters can happen at any time throughout the year.” Winter, however, is a specific time of year that presents its own unique challenges.

According to Takai, one of the best things that someone can do is to build t heir own survival kit complete with warm clothing, food, and a first-aid kit. These kits, which can be made at home or purchased by sites like Living Rational, are best kept in cars and homes. For car kits, it is also recommended that items like rock salt, emergency flags/flares, and a shovel be included. This way, one can provide for their own needs in the event of an emergency such as becoming stuck in a snow bank. Even if you aren’t able to move your vehicle out of the snow, flares and flags can alert other motorists to your situation.

Being that Ms. Takai was speaking to New Mexican residents, it comes as no surprise that winter was such a big focus. Drivers in New Mexico are not accustomed to snow driving, so it is important that they ensure that their car battery can withstand the cold, that their tires are not bald, and that they understand the basics of driving on slick/icy surfaces. Becoming stranded is something most everyone thinks will never happen to them, but that does not mean people should leave themselves unprepared. By having a basic survival kit on hand, you are on the first line of defense from a somewhat inconvenient situation from becoming something much worse than that. New Mexico is an interesting state, and though its citizens rarely do deal with intense winter weather, that type of weather does exist and should be paid attention to—whether you plan on encountering it or not.