Missouri Firefighters Learn Survival Techniques

Firefighters, by nature, are considered to be some of the best survivalists out there. Having to run into burning buildings and other generally dangerous scenarios, firefighters are often viewed as some of the most fearless people around. Of course, even firefighters can be thrown into a situation they are not prepared for, and it is essential they have survival techniques at the ready for times when they are subjected to dangerous conditions that they did not prepare for.

Recently, a large group of Missouri firefighters were given lessons on how to survive a number of different disaster scenarios that they may be subjected to while on the job. Though firefighters, by nature, are great at surviving some of the worst scenarios, there is always room for them to improve their survival skill knowledge.

Teaching Firefighter Self-Defense

Firefighters from across the Ozark region descended upon Logan-Rogersville Fire Station for a day of training. The skills being taught included not only methods of keeping average citizens safe, but skills aimed at helping the firefighter save themselves in the event of an emergency. Dustin Hancock, leader of the event and master survivalist, commented on what the day of training would entail by saying, “Nothing here that we’re going to do today is by essence safe, we’re giving them the worst conditions. Against the wires, how to get through those walls, how to get out those windows.”

By way of 6 different, unique disaster scenarios, the firefighters in attendance learned and mastered what is being known as firefighter self-defense. The scenarios were meant not only to teach the physical elements of survival, but also the mental ones as well. After all, when stranded in a burning building, it is going to take a lot of mental toughness for you to keep yourself calm, cool, and collected. To test the mental strength of the firefighters, the participants were forced through a maze of small, confined spaces in the back of a semi trailer. Because of the confined nature of the spaces, running low on Oxygen was something the firefighters had to contend with. When the low Oxygen sensor began going off, the firefighters struggled to stay calm. Still, this is a challenge that most firefighters have had to face during their careers and is one that will likely present itself sometime in the future.

Many other survival challenges were presented to the participants, all of which reinforced the basic skills needed by firefighters during tense situations when every second counts. A firefighter can have all the equipment in the world, but at the end of the day he/she is only as good as the skills they possess. After all, when you are in a burning building trying to find someone with little visibility and diminishing Oxygen levels, there are very few tools that can help you out of that situation. Knowing this, it is vitally important that firefighters be some of the best survivalists around; and that was the exact aim of this firefighter self-defense training.