Men Survive Near 1000-Foot Drop in Car

A car crash is something no one wants to be a part of, but a car crash that sees the vehicle flip down a slope sounds even less enticing. Three friends were driving around the side of a mountain when their car drifted from the road and flipped down a hill that was nearly 1,000 feet high.

Not only did the three friends manage to survive the fall and ensuing flips, they managed to crawl back up the slope in search of help. According to local authorities, “Just with the real bad weather, with drizzle and fog, the driver didn’t know the road and just didn’t see the bend coming and pretty much drove off the bend and off he went.” After rolling down the hill the vehicle ended up in a small stream, somehow still facing upright.

The most astounding aspect of this story is the fact that these three men all were able to walk away from the crash relatively unscathed. In plenty of other circumstances, people have died from crashes that were much less intense than the one described here. In fact, out of all modes of transportation vehicular transport is by far the most dangerous. On rugged mountain roads and in poor conditions, the likelihood of a crash increases dramatically.

A medical helicopter was called in simply because of the nature of the crash, but it was quickly determined that all three men were more or less fine. One of the three was taken away by the helicopter, but he arrived at the hospital with what were described as moderate injuries. Ambulances took away the other two men, but there were no serious injuries reported.

This is undoubtedly a remarkable story of survival, but it is one that can be attributed to luck more than anything else. Like we said before, people have suffered much larger injuries from much less intense crashes, so these three men should be quite thankful.