Mass Shooting Survival Classes Becoming Increasingly Commonplace

Over the last year, something that you cannot deny is the fact that gun violence in the United States has spiked. It isn’t gang crime that is causing all of this either, as many of these instances of violence have been in the form of random shootings in public places. Whether it be movie theaters, schools, business places, or anywhere else, the last 12 months have seen unprecedented amounts of carnage.

As a result of this, we are beginning to see American citizens pack classes centering around how to survive a shooting. Now a more commonplace practice at universities and other schools, classes that teach skills such as finding the nearest passable exit and creating makeshift weapons are popping up coast to coast.

Apart from being taught within the confines of education centers, these classes are being offered by local police forces to any and all citizens that might be interested. San Bernadino, California police Lieutenant Scott Giles commented on the rise in active shooter survival classes by saying that it is something, “…born out of necessity” as active shooter events “just continue to happen.” If you can remember, San Bernadino was the place where a deadly attack by a husband and wife duo took place at a business park, killing many people.

As the world becomes a scarier place, and more people become armed, I can only anticipate that classes such as these will become more commonplace, especially at schools. On one hand, the existence of such classes is a good thing that creates a more aware society, but on the other hand it is upsetting that such classes have to exist at all. If you look back to just over a decade ago, mass shootings occurred, but they were few and far between. Nowadays, it seems as though at least one large, senseless killing of innocent civilians happens every month. Frustrated citizens, left with no change to the legal system to prevent these occurrences, have now opted to protect themselves from a situation that seems increasingly inevitable with each passing day.