Man Trapped Between 2 Semis Lives to Tell the Tale

For most people in the United States, especially Northern parts of the country, the hazards associated with driving during snowy conditions are almost endless. Whether it be the snow itself, other motorists, or any other factors, driving through wintry weather is best left to the professionals.

One motorist, while on Oregon’s often treacherous roadways, learned the hard way just how dangerous wintry conditions can be. Kaleb Whitby, who was travelling in his truck, saw his life flash before his eyes when not one, but two semis lost control on the icy, snowy roadways and slammed into both sides of his vehicle. From the sounds of it, there is no possible way someone could have survived a crash with two tractor-trailers, but that is exactly what Mr. Whitby did…somehow.

Survival Story for the Ages

Though this story does not involve the level of human mental fortitude that most of our other survival stories do, it definitely is worth mentioning.

Whitby was travelling from Washington state to his home in Idaho when the fateful crash took place. Shortly after merging on to I-84, Whitby and other motorists encountered thick fog that was accompanied by slippery, icy conditions. Before long, while travelling at moderate speeds, Whitby attempted to apply the brakes but did not feel himself slowing down. Within seconds, Whitby’s pickup truck slammed into a semi that also seemed to be unable to stop.

As the two large vehicles continued down the interstate, another semi who was also sliding on the ice slammed into the other side of Whitby’s pickup. In an interview with People Magazine online, Whitby described his endeavor, saying, “He hit it with such force that it ended up swinging back end of my pickup underneath that truck I hit. When I finally came to a stop I just remember all the crunching and all of a sudden just the stop, it was just done.”

When the travelling wreck finally came to a stop, Whitby could quite literally not budge from his seat. He began yelling and making any sort of calls for help, and within minutes there were people with flashlights attempting to pull him from the wreckage. Circulating around the internet are images of Mr. Whitby’s endeavor that show him in a badly misshapen car that seems to be crumbling all around him. Despite the severity of this accident, Whitby managed to escape with nothing more than a bruised eye and some cuts on his hands.

As you can clearly see, survival stories come in all shapes and sizes and can center around just about anyone. This story goes to show that weather and road conditions can change in the blink of an eye and that there is no such thing as being too careful. Luckily, this incident did not result in the loss of human life, but plenty of other situations just like this one have. Interstates and other highways systems are great tools for transportation, but they should not be taken lightly. After all, the roads are jam-packed with rolling steel that is fully capable of changing or taking away one’s life.