Louis Jordan and His Unlikely Tale of High Sea Survival

At least once or twice a year, we receive a story about a person or group of people being stranded at sea for extended periods of time. This year offered no exception as we, just this past Thursday, received word of a man being rescued after spending more than 60 days stranded on the open sea.

Louis Jordan’s unexpected story of survival was set into motion when he departed a Conway, South Carolina port in his small sail boat. More than two months later, Jordan was found by Coast Guard crews after being spotted by a German container ship. While this sounds like your typical at-sea survival story, there are a few elements that make Jordan’s “official” story quite difficult to believe entirely.

Ordinary Day At Sea Turns to 2 Month Survival Story

Louis Jordan lived a modest life and called his 1950s-era sailboat home. On January 23rd of this year, Jordan talked to friends and family and told them that he was about to set sail into open water to do some sailing and fishing. After a little more than 5 days, and after not having heard from him, Jordan’s family reported him missing.

Jordan, who was planning on returning to shore within no more than two days, became stranded at sea when his boat became disabled. When drifting in the sea, he was able to survive by eating what food was in his boat, drinking rainwater, and by eating fish he caught with a small net. According to Jordan, he managed to maintain hydration by taking refuge in his boat’s cabin.

One of Jordan’s biggest obstacles was removing rainwater that had fallen into his boat and began to flood it. In his own words, he said, “Sometimes I had to wade through water up to my thigh because the cabin was so full of water, and I had to bail hundreds of gallons out. There was often days of rain, nonstop rain, and I couldn’t just dry out my clothes and my blankets.”

Skepticism Surfaces

Though Jordan’s story of survival is believable enough, there are quite a few out there who are not entirely convinced he is being truthful. After being spotted by a German container shipped called Houston Express, a Coast Guard helicopter was sent to pick the weary man up. This is when things start to get a little strange.

Despite being reported as capsizing after losing its mast, Jordan and his boat were found upright. Additionally, he reported a bad injury to his one shoulder that turned out to be nothing more than a bruise. Finally, Coast Guard crewmembers that made initial contact with Jordan commented that, despite being lost at sea for more than 2 months, Jordan seemed to be in fairly good health.

The investigation is ongoing, and the world cannot wait to hear about the final verdict. It seems impossible that someone could fake a survival story the likes of this, but I do suppose anything is possible.