Hurricane Harvey and Preparedness

We hope that all of our visitors in Texas, and specifically the Houston area, managed to stay safe from the effects of Hurricane Harvey. We also hope that we may have helped some Texans prepare for this event with the proper preparedness supplies. While we are not taking advantage of the events, we wanted to take time to discuss how Harvey and survival preparedness go hand in hand.

Emergency Water for Flooding

It seems ironic, but water can be one of the most in demand commodities in the event of catastrophic flooding. Clean drinking water will quickly he hard to come by if the local municipalities are unable to distribute water through normal means. As these sources become contaminated and the supply reduces significantly, clean water’s value will rise tremendously. 

There are a few simple steps that can be taken if a hurricane with significant flooding is a threat in your area. Water filters and water packets or cans are a very simple and cheap way to ensure that you will have a clean water supply readily available at all times. A water filtration system will allow you to turn your otherwise potentially undrinkable into usable water. A variety of emergency water filters are available in the range of $20-$100. Needless to say, this small investment can pay big dividends in the long term.

If you do not want a water filter, your second best option is to buy already prepared emergency water. The downside to emergency water supplies is that they will take up a significant amount of space. Depending on how much water you would like to store, you could easily take up a closet worth of space in emergency water alone. Of course, you could keep a few dozen packs of water and take up a lot less space.

Emergency water supplies are usually packaged in 3-8 oz. sizes. The cost for emergency water is small, especially when considering that they are individually packaged. For under $100, you will be able to very reasonably store enough water for several weeks.

Emergency Food During Flooding

Food is an obvious necessity no matter what type of natural disaster you are facing. If flooding is your obstacle, you may have also lost power. While this will make emergency food preparation more difficult, it does not make it impossible. Stoves with portable fuel tablets are a cost efficient solution that allow cooking no matter your current electrical solution.

Survival food can be prepared and will even taste very similar to normal entrees. The nutritional value will not be the absolute highest since emergency food is designed to last a very long time, but you may be surprised at the taste of the food.

In terms of cost, emergency food will be a “you get what you pay for” situation. Meals can be obtained for under a few dollars each, however, making the investment relatively small when all is considered.

Other Tools for Flood Preparation

There are many other survival tools that can be used to help aptly prepare for a flood. These range from lighting and communication to actual tools like knives.

Communication may be limited, at least temporarily, in the event of flooding. For under $30, you can purchase a flashlight that doubles as a phone charger and even provides radio access. This small cost can be a literal life saver when trying to gather information.

The specific tools and items that would be most beneficial to you in the event of a flood like Hurricane Harvey will largely depend on your specific situation. An individual will need less supplies than a family of four, and if you are more prone to flooding, you will need to be more prepared than if you live in an area not subject to flooding. Always consider your own specific needs when making a preparedness plan. A flood may not seem like the most intimidating event, but it can be very dangerous, as Hurricane Harvey has proven.