Fisherman Saves Stranded Kayaker

Jeremy Jilpas is an avid fisherman from southern Texas who was simply looking to take some time off work this week. While he planned on pulling a prized catch from the water, he was instead tasked with saving a human life. Instead of a relaxing day on the water, this experienced EMS basically spent another day on the job

Kayaking in the ocean can be a perilous activity, and this story perfectly exemplifies that. With strong ocean currents able to push kayaks anywhere and everywhere, this is a hobby best left for people with at least some kayak experience.

Lost At Sea…In A Kayak

Shortly after Jilpas began fishing, he and his friends almost immediately noticed some kayakers that were fishing not too far from where they were. Before long, one of the two kayakers drifted into Jilpas’ boat and instantly began pleading for help. Saying that he lost his brother, the frantic kayaker begged Jilpas and his friends to help. Because the kayaker was moving against the current, Jilpas and his friends took the exhausted man back to shore.

After bringing the kayaker back to shore, Jilpas and his friends set back out to look for the lost man. Before long, the crew discovered a man splashing his paddle in the water. According to Jilpas, “The only reason we saw him is because he was waving his paddle.”

The Good Samaritans pulled their larger boat closer to the kayaker and threw him a rescue rope. Thankfully, the lost man was not injured and was lost for only a short period of time, so he was suffering from the chills, but nothing else. Because he couldn’t speak English, the man was difficult to understand, but could make out that he was lost for only about 20 or 30 minutes.

Basically, the man that was rescued was fearful that he would not be found. Being that Jilpas and his friends were the only ones out there on the water, the kayaker’s fear was a legitimate one. Though this story started out as a nice, peaceful fishing trip, it quickly turned into a survival story with a hero. This just goes to show how Mother Nature is quite unforgiving, and things can go wrong in a matter of moments with little to no warning at all.