Father’s Survival Advice Saves Son’s Life

Throughout history, the advice passed down from father to son has proven to be useful in so many different ways. The wisdom that is passed from one generation to another can prove to be invaluable in many ways, especially when it comes to survival in the wilderness. Recently, a 10-year old boy heeded the advice of his father in order to help see himself out of a life or death situation in the remote parts of the Utah back country.

Wisdom Beyond His Years

Malachi Bradley, who was on a camping vacation with his family in remote Eastern Utah, wandered too far into the wilderness and eventually became lost. Intrigued by the many wild mushrooms in the surrounding area, the interested 10-year old journeyed into the woods near his family camping site located near one of the many mountain lakes in the area. During his search for different species of wild mushrooms, Malachi eventually came to the realization that he no longer had any idea what direction his family’s camp site was in.

At this point, Malachi decided to search for any nearby roads in hopes that he may be able to flag down a driver. As fate would have it, however, this most remote part of the American Southwest is home to very few roads, and even fewer drivers. Realizing that he was not going to make it back to safety before nightfall, young Malachi decided to hunker down for the night. Utilizing survival skills passed down to him from his father, the boy was able to survive a day alone in the woods. For someone who is in their 20s or thirties, spending a night in the woods may not seem like the biggest deal, but for someone who is just ten it is nothing short of amazing.

By taking shelter in between two rocks that were still warm from the summer heat, Malachi was able to sleep relatively comfortably. The next day, he located river nearby where he could nourish himself with water. The boy even attempted to catch fish with a spear he fashioned, but was unsuccessful in doing so. Later on that day, Malachi heard a police helicopter overheard. Knowing that he was never going to be spotted in the thick woods, he made his way to a clearing where he eventually fells asleep. Later that day he was spotted by another police aircraft and was eventually descended upon by search and rescue crews.

As it turns out, young Malachi may have been preparing himself for this experience a week before it happened. On a separate camping trip, Malachi and his friends were reenacting a scenario that saw them lost in the woods. According to an interview with Deseret News, Malachi’s Aunt said, “Just a week ago he was camping and he and a friend were playing what would we do if we got lost. And they were burying themselves in leafs, they were building lean-tos. They were doing all the things you’d want them to do if you were lost.”

If this story of survival teaches us anything, it should teach us that no one is too young to be taught survival skills. Though we often consider 10-year olds as those who cannot fend for themselves, this story shows otherwise. Once again, it is illustrated that wilderness survival skills are nothing to be scoffed at and, to the contrary, can prove to be vitally important at times where you might least expect it.