Father and Daughter Survive Plane Crash

A father-daughter duo returning to New York from a college visit in Rhode Island found themselves in a precarious situation as their small plane began experiencing engine issues shortly before landing. The duo had just finished visiting the University of Rhode Island earlier in the day and were looking to make what was, in truth, a routine flight back to the New York City area.
Unfortunately, while flying over Long Island, the Cirrus SR22 began experiencing engine issues that caused the plane’s single propeller to malfunction, leaving the plane floating listlessly through the air. Thanks to the quick action of pilot Louis Obergh, the plane managed to land in a grassy area amid a Long Island business park. Louis and his daughter Rachel were lucky to be able to escape the wreckage with nothing more than a few minor injuries. At this point in time, it is unclear what exactly caused the plane’s engine to malfunction, but the NTSB is already in the midst of a full investigation.

Survival stories relating to plane crashes are particularly amazing simply because of the nature of flying in a plane. Unlike a car, which can be stopped in a relatively short period of time once engine trouble is suspected, planes do not have such a luxury. Instead, the survival of passengers in incidents like the one described here is something that is almost always accredited to the quick-thinking of the pilot behind the plane’s controls. Though a parachute attached to the plane assuredly improved the survival chances of Louis and his daughter, once a plane loses power there are no guarantees anymore.

This just goes to show how important it is to be well-versed in survival tactics no matter what situation you are in. Whether you are hiking through the woods or soaring above the clouds, things can go wrong, and when they do it is important that you and whoever you are with are as prepared as possible to face the worst.