Ebola Survival Rates Improve in Sierra Leone

For the better part of the last few months, the eyes of the world have been firmly fixated upon Western Africa and the Ebola pandemic that has now claimed thousands and thousands of lives. Back here at home, the only people who have even come close to encountering the deadly disease are those who have physically been in Africa helping those who are affected.

More recently, it seems as though Ebola has faded away from the headlines. This may be so due to the improving survival rates being realized in parts of West Africa. Though the disease is still a concern for many hundreds of thousands of people, it seems as though the spread of the disease has become somewhat contained.

Near 70% Survival Rate Being Realized

Beginning last December and slowly but surely picking up speed, the Ebola virus has altered/ended the lives of millions upon millions. Of all the countries hit by the disease, few were hit harder than Sierra Leone, a small West African nation that is almost entirely surrounded by Guinea. At this point, the death toll in Sierra Leone has eclipsed a few thousand and the number of infected is well over 20,000.

Though the virus has taken many, many lives, doctors who are working on the front lines in Sierra Leone say that about 70% of those who become infected by the disease actually live to tell the tale. There exists no vaccine or effective treatment for Ebola, but with the medicines given to the infected by doctors in conjunction with constant supervision, many victims recover within a month or so.

According to a report published by a number of university doctors, the new, improved survival rates are allowing for cautious optimism to spread about the possible ending of this pandemic. What is happening now is none too unusual considering that, in previous Ebola outbreaks, the survival rate improved as a higher level of medical care was made available and as cases were being treated sooner rather than later. Because of the isolation of the infected, the pace of this Ebola outbreak has now diminished considerably.

As we head into the New Year, it is the hope of everyone that disease-ridden Sierra Leone emerges from this time of trial. Doctors from all over the world are still out in full force in Sierra Leone and other parts of West Africa, and will not stop until there are almost 0 reported cases of the virus. Until then, however, the fight against Ebola rages on.