Dutch Woman Survives 5 Days in Australian Bush

Survival stories always seem to edge on the ridiculous, and this one is no exception. Australian police as well as search and rescue crews are praising the efforts of a Dutch woman who managed to survive for nearly a week in the unforgiving Australian bush. Veronique Biunkens, from Amsterdam, was adventuring in the wilderness when she became loss, disoriented, and eventually stranded.

Survival Skills & Inginuity

Biunkens is being praised by search and rescue crews mostly thanks to her ingenuity. During the day she covered her body head to toe in mud to shield her skin from the sun and prevent heat exhaustion. At night, she stuffed her clothing with river moss to keep herself warm.

After searching for more than 4 days, police were able to find the stranded woman nearly a mile from her camp and next to a creek. According to her testimony, Biunkens became lost after setting out for a walk in the afternoon. Police are saying that without her ingenious ideas to keep herself cool during the day and warm at night she very likely would have succumbed to the elements.

Australian weather can change drastically from night and day, and this is something that presents even more of a challenge to someone who is looking to survive on their own with no supplies. Making her survival even more amazing is the fact that she hails from the Netherlands, where the weather is drastically different than what it is in Australia.

In addition to insulating her clothes and her skin, Vernoique also fashioned a small hut out of two fallen trees that lay close to one another. As if this was not already self-evident, first responders described Biunkens as being very intelligent and resourceful. In the Australian bush, one does not have a plethora of natural materials to work with, and this is something that makes fashioning a shelter that much more difficult.

Finally, the most miraculous thing is that Biunkens did not have a single bite to eat during her whole 5-day endeavor. Rescuers were astonished at how well she seemed to be faring without any nourishment for such a long period of time. Now, Biunkens can return home to the Netherlands with a story she will not quickly forget.