China Explosion: All Inclusive Guide About What Happened in Tianjin

If you have been following the news this week, you are well aware of the horrific chemical explosion that occurred in one of China’s major port cities. On Wednesday night there was a massive explosion in the city of Tianjin, leaving more than 50 people dead and hundreds more injured and left without a home.

The explosion occurred in a chemical warehouse, and while there is not too much additional information available right now, it is believed that there may have been a fire that triggered the event. While it is tragic that so many people perished, after watching this video it’s amazing that more people weren’t killed. Below is a video if the explosion.

*Warning, this video contains profanity and may be disturbing to some viewers.

So what exactly happened here? Though Chinese officials have yet to release more details on what the specific chemicals were that caused the explosion, it has been confirmed that there was likely potassium nitrate, calcium carbide and sodium nitrate at the warehouse. We were able to find a very informative broadcast explaining more about these chemicals and what happened in Tianjin at