California Man Survives Nepal Earthquake Aftershock

Just last week, we were here discussing the improbable stories of survival coming from the initial earthquake that happened towards the end of April in Nepal. The earthquake, which only lasted a few seconds, destroyed much of the country, but especially the capital city of Kathmandu. With that quake came so many stories of survival, but so many more stories of tragedy.


As unbelievable as it sounds, Nepal’s earthquake problems have only gotten worse since that first tremor. Just yesterday, on Tuesday, a 7.3 magnitude aftershock struck Nepal again, adding to the damage and rubble that already existed. Though the death toll is only currently in the 80s, it goes to show that when it rains, it pours.

Even with this aftershock we received a few remarkable stories of survival, including one from a California man who went to Nepal after the initial quake.

California Man Descends on Nepal to Help

Boshow Bhatta, a San Francisco-area man, runs an orphanage in Nepal and traveled to the ravaged country in order to take care of his organization. When the earthquake struck on Tuesday, Bishow immediately tended to the orphans and helped them escape from the building. Shortly thereafter, he noticed the adjacent building beginning to tremble uncontrollably; at this point he jumped from the second-story window to safety. Being that he was on the second floor, the jump he made was more than 20-feet high, causing him to break both his leg and his arm.

Bhatta, sounding like a hero, talked about the events by saying, “ did not think about me or staff or anybody or my family, I just [thought] about the children inside the building. I [didn’t] want them [trapped].” Though he was aiming for a small patch of grass, his jump saw him land on a slab of concrete, making his injuries make perfect sense.

When all was said and done, Bhatta was satisfied to learn that none of his orphans were hurt during the quake. Then, returning the favor in a way, some of Bhatta’s orphans helped take care of him and transport him to the hospital.

Bhatta has been in Nepal for well over a week now, but plans on staying there for the foreseeable future. After this second major quake in only a short period of time, even more cleaning up needs to happen. More rubble is lining the streets and search and rescue efforts have once again picked up. We will continue to monitor anything and everything going on in Nepal as the small Asian nation has a long road to recovery ahead of them.