Americans Procrastinate Acquisition of Survival Kits

A recent publication by the Chicago Tribune highlighted the fact that so many people are so very unprepared when it comes to handling things like natural disasters. With the United States playing host to an astounding variety of potential disasters, you would think that this is a country full of prepared survival experts. The reality, however, is that all too many Americans have grown so comfortable with modern conveniences that they no longer see the need for survival tools in their home, vehicles, or elsewhere.

Disaster is Constantly Lurking

No matter who you are or where you live, there always exists a chance that you will become the victim of an unforeseen, unexpected natural disaster. Whether it be a freak flood, tornado, or any other sort of disaster, the fact of the matter is that things can and do go wrong all the time. After the terrorist attacks of September 11th, Americans’ sense of security took a major hit and many people turned to survival gear as a means of assuaging newfound fears. Since then, however, things have seemingly gone back to normal and people are not quite as concerned about their safety.

Though a terrorist attack may not be the most likely occurrence, this past summer highlighted perfectly just how quickly things like forest fires can change the landscape of one’s day to day life. More importantly, these types of disasters show just how quickly you can be forced to fend for yourself. In the past, the prospect of putting together an extensive survival kit is one that was off-putting to so many people because of the effort required to gather supplies and assemble them into a worthwhile kit. Nowadays, however, acquiring a survival kit that is equipped with items and tools that directly coincide with your needs is as easy as placing an order online, and still so many people do not do it.

When asked, people offer all sorts of excuses as to why they refuse to purchase a survival kit, but at the end of the day it often comes down to laziness and unwillingness. The survival kits offered here at Living Rational are as comprehensive as they come, and often inexpensive as well. Natural disasters happen all the time, and you would be surprised just how far a simple survival kit can take you when it comes to providing for basic nourishment, shelter, and other needs. Life is a fragile thing, and with the way society is today we have a hard time realizing that. Though you may think that you are immune from falling victim to natural disasters (or any other type of life-threatening predicament), the reality could not be further from the truth.