Amazing, Unbelievable Stories of Survival

Recently, a teenager from the Pacific Northwest was able to survive a plane crash and subsequently hike miles through uncharted wilderness back to civilization. The story of Autumn Veatch’s survival is a remarkable one, yes, but she is just one of many people who have overcome improbably odds to end up making it out of a situation where most would have assumed them to be dead.

Thinking about this story brings to mine a whole bunch of other situations where people were somehow able to survive a situation that most survival experts might not have made it out of.

A Winter Plane Crash

Earlier this year, in January, we received word of a 7-year old girl who was somehow able to survive a single-prop plane crash that took the lives of her family. Disoriented and likely scared, the young child wandered through the wilderness in nothing more than a short sleeve shirt and shorts. At near-freezing temperatures, a child so small is not expected to be able to survive for very long at all.

After hiking for more than a mile, the young girl came across a lone house where a man was residing. He contacted emergency personnel and the girl managed to avoid succumbing to a wide array of injuries which she had incurred.

Alaskan Nightmare

Back in 2013, a plane crash in Alaska left a group of people stranded on terrain that is less than forgiving. A woman, whose phone survived the crash, was able to contact emergency responders while simultaneously trying to administer CPR to her ailing son. Shortly thereafter, the same woman trekked nearly a mile to meet up with a search and rescue team.

Of the ten onboard the plane, this unnamed woman is responsible for saving 6. The sad ending, however, is that the woman’s son was unable to overcome the injuries he sustained during the crash.

Errant Search Party

Also in 2013, a plane crash near Lake Placid stranded 3 men in the rough New York wilderness. Though they were not injured too severely, the extremely cold temperatures (especially at night) were a constant threat to their lives. After one of the men managed to get in contact with forest rangers, the men hunkered down and waited for help to arrive.

After some time, and with no help having arrived, the man who originally called for help received a phone call from a concerned employee, and it was quickly discovered that forest rangers were searching for the men on the wrong mountain. Quickly, that problem was rectified and the men were brought to safety.


Though all of these stories are different, they all have one thing in common, and that is that they perfectly exemplify how much the human body can endure when it is thrust into survival mode. Though absolutely no one is guaranteed survival after a plane crash over rugged terrain, those that are subjected to such events should take solace in the fact that survival is always possible, no matter how stacked up against you the odds may seem.