Amazing Survival Stories From Around the World

As you are probably well-aware, being put in a survival scenario is rarely something a person has control over. Though you can do things that increase the likelihood of you being put in a perilous situation, no one truly plans on being stranded in the wilderness for days and weeks at a time.

The following few people are no exception, but these same people were able to rise to the task and overcome seemingly impossible conditions in order to make it out alive.

Amazon Survival Story

Gileno Vieira da Rocha was an engineer working in a remote area of Brazil as part of the completion of the Trans-Amazonian highway. Da Rocha found himself a few hundred miles south of the city of Manaus working on a stretch of land he was not too unfamiliar with. On his way to take a break, Gileno went to take a short-cut through a field and wound up completely and totally lost in the Amazon.

After attempting to retrace his steps and do just about anything else in his power to escape the perilous situation that was beginning to unfold, he quickly realized that help may never come. It was at this point when hunger began to overtake da Rocha. For the next few days, he lived on a diet of wasps and other insects until he was finally located by rescue crews.

Desert Survival

In the early 1990s, an Italian pentathlete and police officer found himself competing in a 6-day survival race that took place across much of the Sahara Desert. Before long, Mauro Prosperi found himself subjected to a severe sand storm that inevitably blew him far off course.

Officially almost 200 miles away from the competition course, Prosperi took shelter in an abandoned mosque he stumbled across. After his food and water rations had run dry, the Italian was able to capture two bats; both of which he killed and subsequently drank the blood of. After little more than a week, Prosperi was finally rescued by a passing-by nomadic family.

Soft Landing

In the early 1970s, a small plane was travelling over Central American rainforests when it was struck by lighting and came apart in mid-air. Juliane Koepcke, a biologist from Germany, was one of the passengers. When the plane was struck and disintegrated in the air, Koepcke remained attached to her seat as she plummeted towards the rain forest below.

Somehow, the German fell to the earth and survived with only a broken collarbone. Experts attribute her survival to the fact that the rainforest canopy, in all likelihood, reduced the impact of her collision with the earth. After surviving an additional 9 days in the wilderness sporting a broken collarbone, she was finally rescued.

A Watery Coffin

Barely a year ago, rescue crews were sent to recover the bodies of a sunken ship’s crew off the coast of Nigeria. Though feared dead, 1 of the 12 crew members was actually alive—surviving in a small air pocket within the vessel.

Harrison Okene, who was the ship’s cook, survived three days in a small, water-filled room. Surrounded by the bodies of his former crew members, the ship cook simply sat there and contemplated what looked to be his last few days on earth. Fortunately, the recovery crews arrived in time and were surprised to find someone still alive on the sunken vessel. Against all odds, Okene lives to tell his insane story of survival.

If these survival stories teach you anything, it should be that the human will is an indomitable force. Though the odds were stacked entirely against the aforementioned people, they did not give up hope and were eventually rescued. Though there is no way of ensuring your own survival in situations like these, you should absolutely never give up hope. Us your skills and talents to stay alive as long as possible because, chances are, help is on its way.