Active Shooter Survival Video Shared by Police Departments

In today’s sometimes difficult to understand world, active-shooter survival courses are now being taught all over the country. With last week’s San Bernardino killings, among others, making headlines, it is now almost impossible for the United States to make it through even one week without innocent lives being taken by some deranged man or woman with a gun.

With most people in agreement that it is nearly impossible to plan for one of these attacks to take place, people are doing everything in their power to be prepared for the worst.

Bridgewater Police Department Offering Instructional Course

One police department, that of Bridgewater, New Jersey, is hoping to prepare local residents for an event that never takes place in their town. Even with this hope, one cannot seriously deny the possibility that an active-shooting event can happen just about anywhere.

Rather than invite people to a local community center for classes, the Bridgewater Police Department has shared a 6-minute video to educate their residents what they should do should an active-shooter event take place at their school, workplace, or any other public place. Because there is often no rhyme or reason attached to where one of these events unfolds, there can only be so many specifics that are elaborated upon.

With that being said, the video does well to pick apart things that are common amongst all of the shootings we have witnessed over the past few years and what you can do to avoid finding yourself in the path of bullets.

This is an interesting step police departments are making, and one that is now seen as necessary. It is a truly sad time that we must resort to being prepared for senseless acts of violence such as those that have taken place in recent weeks, but it is a harsh truth that every United States citizen must confront.