A Boating Survival Story

On what was supposed to be a peaceful day on the lake back in March, Jason and Anna Simmons of Alabama learned all too well how a day of recreation can quickly lead to you being thrust into a fight for your life. There are many survival stories, but this is one of the stranger ones you will ever hear of.

Boater, Beware

When the Simmons decided to go fishing on that Sunday back in late March, they were both very experienced boaters and did not, in a million years, think that they would have any issues. After a somewhat lackluster round of fishing, the couple was speeding back to the docks at about 55 mph. At that speed, the winds caused Jason’s sunglasses to begin slipping from the top of his head. At this point he went to reach for them, taking his hand off the wheel and causing the boat to take a hard dipping turn to the right. The exaggerated turn threw both Simmons and his wife into the water.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the boat, which did not have its kill-switch engaged, turned around and headed straight for the couple at a high rate of speed. Upon impact, the propellers of the boat sliced both Jason and Anna, nearly severing Jason’s leg completely.

Thankfully, the boat that had just attacked the couple immediately came to a stop. Drawing from a lot of adrenaline, the couple managed to crawl back into the boat and make it back to the docks, where emergency crews arrived only minutes later. Despite the arrival of paramedics and, eventually, the ambulance helicopter, Jason’s fight for his life was far from over. Going through hour after hour of surgery, Jason was finally labeled as being in stable condition and could begin his long, long road to recovery. Saving his life, according to doctors, was the fact that the water was barely more than 50 degrees Fahrenheit on the day of the accident. Thanks to the somewhat chilly waters, Jason did not suffer as massive a loss of blood as he would have if the water was only a few degrees warmer.