7 Survive Deadly Crash, Fall Into Bayou

The morning commute, for most Americans, is a lazy drive to work, often on a crowded highway and gridlock conditions. For 7 Texans, this morning’s commute quickly devolved into a fight for their lives as the van they were riding in plunged off the highway and into a nearby bayou.

According to the Houston FD, a van travelling northward on a highway near Houston exited onto a service road and subsequently lost control. Official reports say that the van, which was believed to be travelling at a high rate of speed, slammed into a median, guardrail, and then through a chain link fence. After crashing through the fence, the van plunged more than 15 feet into the bayou below.

Unlikely Tale of Survival

Despite the van plunging into the water nose first, it ended up landing upright. This small, yet important, detail is what first responders think meant the difference between those inside the van surviving or perishing. Shortly after the crash, four men inside the van were able to crawl out and stand on the roof in an effort to catch the attention of firefighters and police officers who responded quickly to the accident.

Surprisingly enough, none of the 6 passengers nor the driver were dealt any serious injuries. While all 7 men were taken to a nearby hospital, they were treated with minor injuries and released. Though the accident is still under investigation, people who responded are already calling it a miracle.

This story just goes to show how an ordinary morning commute, or any seemingly ordinary situation for that matter, can deteriorate in a matter of moments. Driving a car may not seem like a big responsibility, but this story illustrates how the driver of any motor vehicle has not only their lives, but the lives of their passengers in his or her hands.