68-Year Old Woman’s Survival Story

At least once a week, we bring you a story of unlikely survival on the part of some courageous person or group of people. No survival situation is the same as any other, and therefore it is almost impossible to be prepared to be thrust into such a situation. For a 68-year old woman from Fullerton, California, that is exactly what happened a few weeks ago on Mother’s Day

Ate Pie, Drank Rainwater to Survive

Dianna Bedwell was found in her car in a very isolated northeastern part of San Diego County, California. Dianna and her husband Cecil set out on Mother’s Day to take a scenic drive through some of the most remote parts of Los Coyotes Indian Reservation. After some time driving on the small paths carving the reservation, the couple’s car become immobile in an area full of extremely soft sand.

According to a Lieutenant from the San Diego County Sheriff’s office, “That she survived is nothing short of a miracle. Even for someone fit and in good health, surviving this long would be difficult. She is elderly and with health problems and yet she made it.”

When Mrs. Bedwell was found, she was barely breathing and was in and out of consciousness on her way to the hospital. Despite her condition, she was able to describe, in limited detail, what exactly happened that caused them to become stranded for just about two weeks. On Mother’s Day, when this all began, the couple spent the morning at a local casino before calling it a day around 2PM. On their way to their son’s home in Riverside County, California, the couple veered off onto Los Coyotes Reservation in hopes of finding a shortcut to avoid traffic. Before long, the two retired bus drivers became lost and very quickly disoriented.

The couple’s 2014 Hyundai was spotted by a group of off-roaders on Sunday. Even Reservation officers who have been patrolling the reservation for years referred to the area where the car was found as being remote. Despite constant searches from the air and on ground, rescue teams were unable to locate the couple. Being as much of Los Coyotes Reservation is heavily forested, the air search teams were at a major disadvantage.

Surviving off of pie, rainwater, and whatever other meager quantities of food were at-hand, Dianna has put forth one of the most unbelievable stories of survival in recent history. Unfortunately, this story isn’t all positive as Mrs. Bedwell’s husband succumbed to what is believed to be a combination of exhaustion and dehydration. Also playing into Mr. Bedwell’s death was the fact that he was an insulin-dependent diabetic; though it is confusing, to say the least, that Mrs. Bedwell too was a diabetic. Sometimes there really is no explanation for how people made it out of situations such as this one alive. Mrs. Bedwell is still recovering from her traumatic two weeks and has yet to speak to media about her endeavors.