3 Ways to Survive an Active-Shooter Event

Active shooter survival is something that is becoming increasingly important in this day and age. With random shootings happening on an almost weekly basis across the United States and other parts of the world, the prospect of being subjected to one of these events is not so foreign anymore. There are all sorts of fancy training available that is aimed at improving your skills, but just a few simple words can help drastically improve your odds of making out of an active-shooter event with your life.

Step #1: Run

Barring a situation where you might be barricaded inside a room, running is the first and most obvious option you have when a shooting event plays out. Most people think that they have no choice in the matter, but it is important to keep in mind that shootings tend to last for only a few minutes rather than extended periods of time. Running out of the building or away from the scene is much more feasible idea than you may think.

Of course, most people may be paralyzed by fear, but if this fear is able to be overcome you can increase your survival odds by running to safety.

Step #2: Hide

Another option a person has is to hide. If you are, say, in an office building and a shooter is roaming the hallway, your best bet would be to turn the lights out, lock the door, and make yourself as invisible as possible.

As you might expect, hiding is the avenue most people opt for as it plays into your natural fear. Hiding is the least recommended option, but it can be helpful is done properly.

Step #3: Fight

Being that you are facing a person with a gun, fighting seems highly illogical. When it comes down to it, however, help may be minutes away and if you do not act you may lose your life. Throwing any reasonably heavy item at a shooter may be enough to disarm them. Cologne or other body sprays can work to temporarily blind the shooter.

Fighting is often used as a last resort, but brave people standing up to a shooter may drastically reduce the human loss resulting from the shooting. The most important advice is to always do your best to remain calm. When you hear gunshots ring out in an office or school setting it may be difficult, but by staying calm you are setting yourself up to more rationally decide whether you should run, hide, or fight.