3 Survive Capsized Boat Disaster, Swim to Shore At Night

The prospect of being stranded at sea is one most people will thankfully never have to seriously consider. Being subjected to that same situation in the dead of night is a fact that, in all likelihood, would make any sea survival endeavor that much more daunting.

For 3 men in Hawaii recently, the capsizing of their small fishing vessel saw an otherwise pleasant day turn into a nightmarish situation none of them were fully prepared for. Luckily, all 3 men made it out of the situation alive, but not without a good bit of difficulty.

Fishing Trip Gone Wrong

Last Sunday, fisherman Zack Romanak and his son Noah were taking Brad Warren on a small fishing trip not all that far from shore. Shortly after day began turning into night, Romanak and his companions decided that it was time to head for shore. Unfortunately, when the crew decided to head in to Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor at around 8 PM, an unusually large wave struck the vessel’s stern.

The boat immediately began twisting and tossed the three occupants into the water. The older Mr. Warren was the hardest-hit and broke his femur (as well as his prosthetic hip) in three places upon impact. Mr. Warren’s pain was obvious and because of that, Romanak wanted to remain floating near the capsized boat. After some time, however, the severity of Warren’s injuries began to set in and the decision was made to head towards shore.

A Fight For Survival

Zack Romanak decided that the three of them should attempt to remain on the part of the capsized vessel that was above water. Shortly thereafter, he retrieved life jackets as Warren and Noah desperately tried to cling to the capsized boat. After some time, Warren’s pain become such that he thought he might lose his life. It was at this time that all three men jumped into water and began swimming towards shore; Warren holding on to Noah who was clinging to his father. Of course, the thought of a shark attack or being overcome by exhaustion crossed the minds of the three survivors, but they continued to swim through the night towards shore.

Upon their departure from the capsized boat, Mr. Romanak estimated that it would take at least 2 hours for them to reach land. Fortunately, Romanak was wrong and the three found themselves on the shore within a half hour or so. When they reached shore, Romanak called 911 and help arrived shortly before midnight. Romanak admitted that he probably should not have ventured into the harbor at high tide, but Warren disregarded this and labelled him and his son heroes.

This is yet another story and another example of perseverance and belief driving people towards a goal that, initially, might seem impossible. Any number of unthinkable outcomes could have played out, but the quick-thinking and proper actions of an experienced boat captain saved the day and possibly even some lives too.