2 Boys Survive Being Trapped Under Feet of Snow

For anyone who has ever been outside on a snowy Winter’s day, you know the beautiful, picturesque scenes the snow can provide. At the same time, however, the beautiful white blankets of snow that cascade from the sky can become quite deadly in certain situations. Every year we hear of skiers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who find themselves lost, stranded, or trapped because of the snow.

While snow is one of the most beloved forms of precipitation, it is also one of the most deadly. Whether it be hikers, drivers, or pedestrians walking down the sidewalk, the snow can be anything from a minor inconvenience to the source of a day of trouble. For 2 boys from New York, the hazards associated with snow were realized very quickly when a day of jovial fort-building turned into a fight for survival that many others might not have made it out of alive.

Air Pocket Keeps Young Boys Alive

The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is a time for holiday preparation and travel for much of the United States. For 2 cousins from Newburgh, New York, Wednesday night was the perfect time to take advantage of a freshly fallen snow. While out building a fort near a quiet parking lot, the boys became trapped underneath piles of snow as a snowplow driver unknowingly covered up the spot where they boys were building.

After a few hours had passed, the boys’ parents became concerned when their children did not return home and were nowhere to be found. Within no time at all, a decently-sized search party was out looking for the missing boys.

Before long, a police officer who was helping with the search effort noticed a boot sticking out of a pile of snow. The officer ran over to the boot and began digging and, in a matter of minutes, laid eyes on the two boys, both of which were beginning to suffer from the effects of being exposed to near-freezing temperatures for an extended period of time. The boys were quickly treated by medical personnel and were released back to their families without suffering any severe consequences from their time trapped in the snow.

In a report from the Newburgh police department, it was believed that the heavy, wet snow made it difficult for the boys to dig themselves out and they quickly became exhausted. As for how they were able to survive, experts agree that the only reasonable explanation is that a pocket of air was trapped along with the boys and allowed them to breathe without any issue.

While most stories of survival see the main character(s) make it out alive due to their uncanny ability to outduel Mother Nature, this story is one of nothing more than luck. These boys and their parents know how truly lucky they are, and I bet that they will be a whole lot more careful the next time they are playing in the snow.