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Preparedness Supplies

Our inventory covers many unique categories within the realm of disaster preparedness and survival. From survival kits and emergency food to outdoor equipment and hiking food, you are able to find everything you need to survive and thrive in any environment. We offer flat-rate shipping to all of our customers along with transparent pricing. When ordering from our secure website, there are no hidden fees and all of our products include a low price guarantee! Below is a more detailed outline of the types of products that we currently offer.

Survival Kits & Emergency Backpacks

We carry many different types of Survival Kits through our online catalog which are available for purchase 24/7. Our site navigation on the left sidebar allows you to easily find and browse through each category of products that we currently offer. The top navigation option is most convenient for browsing each category, while the options below make it simple to more narrowly consider different varieties of survival kits. On every product page you will see a full breakdown of all the items that each kit contains, so you will know exactly what you are receiving with your purchase.

Types of Survival Kits

We break our survival kits down into several different categories based on the scenario they have been designed for, and the amount of people they are meant to serve. Our most common categories include Emergency Kits2 Person Kits4 Person Kits72 Hour Kits and Family Emergency Kits. Your specific needs will determine which kit is most suited for you, but it is important to note that our generic kits are useful in the majority of situations. While you can purchase a basic kit, we also offer products that have been made by experts in the preparedness industry to help you survive specific disaster scenarios.

While the generic survival kits we offer contain a range of products meant to aid in surviving a wider variety of scenarios, our specialized natural disaster kits include the emergency essentials that you will need to survive the specific event. Many of our customers prefer to purchase the more generalized kits as they can be kept in their possession and used across many different emergencies. Others prefer to own the more specialized kits and include them in their preparedness plan.

Best Types of Survival Kits

While some people prefer to have just one survival kit that is viable for almost any given scenario, others instead choose to prepare for very specific instances. If you would like to make sure you are not stranded out on the road, for example, it would make most sense to purchase a Roadside Survival Kit. Your needs can be met as specifically or as broadly as you would like. We currently offer over 300 preparedness products, including all different types of survival kits and are constantly adding to our selection in order to provide you with the most dynamic offering anywhere online.

Emergency Kits For Specific Scenarios:

Purchasing a survival kit from Living Rational is both simple and secure. Your private information is kept confidential, while the checkout process is easy to navigate and quick to complete. Once your order is placed, you should expect to receive a shipping notification within a few days. We guarantee that your product will be shipped as advertised, and we are here to ensure that you are happy with your order.

Emergency Food Supply

Not only do we stock an expansive inventory of survival kits for almost every type of disaster, but we also carry a number of different Emergency Food Kits as well. These kits include many different types of freeze-dried foods, from combination packages to meat, fruit and vegetable kits. Included on each product page will be a breakdown of the meals and the amount of servings contained in the kit along with its nutritional facts.

Emergency Food Supply Buckets are available in many different sizes, ranging from short term planning to supplies that can last months and even years on end. Your needs and interests will depend on the type and quantity of people that your preparedness plans involve. While bulk emergency food buckets and kits can be purchased, they are not the only selection that you are able to choose from. We also offer a wide variety of Emergency Food Bars that are great to take with you while outdoors for an on the go energy boost.

Many of our emergency food products have an extended shelf life of 25 years or longer, meaning they can be kept on hand and stored for extended periods of time. This means that with a one time purchase you can prepare yourself for years to come. Pricing for an Emergency Food Bucket depends on the type of food contents as well as amount of servings that it contains. As always, we will continually work to match and beat any competitor’s price for the same product. Quality, as with our survival kits, in our meal kits is top notch and you should expect prompt, safe and secure delivery.

Survival Gear

Aside from foods and complete survival kits, we also offer a large selection of Survival Gear catered towards everyone from preppers to outdoor enthusiasts. Our gear covers many different categories, including items from radiosflashlights and fire starters to emergency blanketshygiene suppliesheat sourcestents and sleeping bags. Our Survival Gear has a wide range of applications and can be used to build an emergency kit or to take with you while hiking, camping, backpacking hunting and more.

Camping and Hiking Food

Our premade Camping and Hiking Food is a popular choice among outdoorsmen who are looking for a quick and easy to carry meal for on the go. These types of foods are often dehydrated or freeze dried making them lightweight, easy to prepare and able to be fit in most backpacks or hiking packs. These foods can be ready to eat in very little time (under 15 minutes), and require only hot water to cook.

Our camping and hiking food has a shelf life of anywhere from 12 to 25 years depending on the brand and specific product. Food pouches will usually have a 12 year shelf life, while #10 cans have a shelf life nearly twice as long at 25 years. With a long shelf life, these meals are not only great for outdoor activities, but can also be a part of your greater preparedness plans.

First Aid Kits & Preparedness Seeds

Beyond our offering of survival kits, emergency food and outdoor gear, Living Rational is also proud to offer additional preparedness products, including First Aid Kits and Preparedness Seeds. Our First Aid Kits are able to assist in both common day to day injuries and can be utilized in an event requiring comprehensive preparedness planning. All of our first aid supplies are meant to help in treating minor injuries, and can also be great to take with you while venturing into the outdoors.

Preparedness seeds are an optimal way to ensure your ability to create your own food should the ultimate need arise. Given the self-sustaining nature of these seeds, the value is immediately apparent. Seeds are one of, if not the best way to plan ahead for sustainability and durability when it comes to your long-term food and survival supplies. Our seed products were selected to fit the bill when it comes to both value and utility, making them an ideal choice in your greater and complete survival and preparedness planning.

About Living Rational

Living Rational is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and we ship to and from locations throughout the continental United States. Our aim is simple; top tier products with the best prices on the internet. In an effort to ensure our prices are always the lowest online, if you ever find a better price somewhere else just call us and we will match or beat it. We know that your safety and security are important to you, and we work diligently to meet and exceed your expectations. If you would like to learn more about Living Rational visit our About Us page or check out our Customer Reviews.

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Feel free to contact us 24/7 online at any time whether you would like to learn more about our products before ordering or are simply checking on an existing purchase. Thank you for visiting Living Rational!

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